Though economically and geographically disenfranchised, a promising agricultural asset for Barekamavan is its fertile land, which inspired the development of the Greenhouse Project. In 2011-12, supporters of AGBU initiated development projects in Barekamavan to build greenhouses, and most recently a playground. Encouraged by the results, the YP Network embraced this initiative to build two greenhouses in 2013.

     At risk of Azeri sniper fire, Barekamavan has no communal agricultural lands, thus, greenhouses will instead be constructed on land adjacent to the villagers' homes.

The following are the goals of the Greenhouse Project by the AGBU Young Professionals:

  • To ensure the survival and sovereignty of Armenia's borders by sustaining the population of Barekamavan;
  • To promote self-sufficiency by providing Barekamavan the resources and tools to do so. Funded initially by YP Network donations, the project will then re-fund itself by generating income for the village, and hopefully, encourage those who have emigrated to return;
  • To provide two 100 m2 greenhouses (and fruit trees) to families, which are expected to generate an income in three months; and
  • To provide professional training to villagers on greenhouse building, farming, crop cultivation, and sales.

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