In 2009, the AGBU Young Professionals (YP) Network convened in Chicago, IL, USA during AGBU FOCUS for its Biennial Assembly. With a focus on international cooperation, YP leadership concluded to work together as a cohesive whole for Armenia. By pooling its resources in one unified effort for the very first time in 2010-11, the YP Network funded and implemented the development of a new park in Khachik, Armenia. For more information on the Khachik Park project by the AGBU Young Professionals, please visit here.

     In 2011, the YP Network convened again for its Biennial Assembly at FOCUS in Paris, France, and agreed to continue its cooperative efforts for Armenia. For its second project, the YP Network is flexing its global muscle to launch a brand new project in 2013 to build greenhouses on the fertile, yet disenfranchised land of Barekamavan in the Tavush province of Armenia.

     Located treacherously close to the Azeri border, Barekamavan is home to 400 at-risk villagers with limited to no income-generating opportunities. In tandem with other local development initiatives, two greenhouses will be funded, developed, and implemented by the YP Network in Barekamavan to promote economic self-sufficiency and sustainability, and help ensure the survival and sovereignty of Armenia's borders.

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