Since 2012, the AGBU community has raised $4 million in donations in support of AGBU's humanitarian assistance in Syria and in support of relief programs for Syrian Armenian refugees re-starting their lives abroad.

Today's need is far greater than we could have ever planned and in order to continue our relief efforts and ensure the safety and security of our fellow Armenians, we must raise an additional $2.5 million but we can't do this alone.


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How AGBU is Helping:



Food & Aid Distribution

  • Emergency aid is provided to more than 3,000 families in Syria
  • Food packages of cereal, cooking oil, dry meat, eggs, milk, and baby formula are supplied
  • AGBU Lazar Najarian School and AGBU Center in Aleppo coordinate the distribution of food, clean water, butane gas, generators, blankets, and medicine
  • Elderly, sick and wounded receive home deliveries of basic necessities

Medical Services & Equipment

  • Medical aid and medical supplies are provided to those in need
  • AGBU Youth Committee is trained in first-aid to help provide emergency aid
  • An ambulance and two service cars are available to reach and assist the community
  • AGBU has funded more than 50 medical procedures for wounded Armenians and treated close to 400 patients

Educational Programs & Children's Services

  • AGBU schools remain open in Syria to serve their students
  • Scholarships are available to families in Syria who can no longer afford school tuition
  • The Aleppo Center hosts hundreds of local Syrian Armenian children for daily activities

Displacement Support

  • AGBU Centers are equipped with beds and blankets to provide shelter to Armenians whose homes have been destroyed
  • Financial support was provided to families forced to flee their homes when the conflict began
  • Over $30,000 was allocated to rebuild homes that were severely damaged in the Nor Kyugh district of Aleppo
  • In partnership with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the government of the Republic of Armenia, AGBU has awarded tuition reimbursement to 347 Syrian Armenians now studying at Armenian universities
  • Full scholarships are offered to Syrian Armenian children attending AGBU schools in Lebanon
  • Every Saturday, AGBU Yerevan Office runs a free walk-in medical clinic with Syrian Armenian physicians, offering refugees basic medical treatment and advice
  • Medical procedures for refugees in Armenia that are not funded by the Armenian government are paid for by AGBU
  • In collaboration with the Cherchian Family Foundation, tractors and agricultural supplies have been distributed to families who have settled in rural regions of Nagorno-Karabakh
  • AGBU École Alex Manoogian in Montreal, Canada, is offering scholarships and special classes for Syrian Armenian refugee students

Volunteer Mobilization

  • Over 100 volunteers have been mobilized throughout Syria and are collaborating with the Syrian Red Crescent
  • Volunteers around the globe assist with AGBU's fundraising efforts

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